Right now, best way to support Catland is to help us create the Journey to Catland tabletop board game! To do that, have a look at the preview of our Kickstarter campaign, brainstorm every person and thing that might help, and email us as many suggestions as you possibly can. Again, click here to check out the Kickstarter campaign before it starts!
We plan to put Catland products to use as fundraising tools that direct money to creative people and good causes. So for starters, income from sales of Catland products will be donated to non-profit pet adoption and other animal-care efforts. If you want to be an Angel of Catland, you become one whenever you buy something here. Every purchase helps save the lives of lost pets.
But much more than that… If you’re someone who could use Catland for non-profit fundraising (animal rescue and pet adoption organizations are a favorite), or as a means of creating personal income (maybe you’d like to illustrate your vision of Catland, display your work here, legally sell it, and be paid for each sale? or something else…?), we’d love to hear from you. Requests from are simple and few. Here’s the current plan, which is subject to change: With a grant of license, a store page and web address with our Catland products would be dedicated to your organization, OR a store page would be dedicated to artwork YOU create to enhance the original Catland poem.) 
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