Cat Games

Cat-ch a Butterfly

A Q&A collection of the ten silliest cat jokes of all time.

What you need to play: A computer with Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 or later. (A partner to play with is optional.)

How to play: Download the ppt file. (Just click “Cancel” if you get a prompt to connect to with a user name and password.)

Unless you want to play by yourself, find a partner.

openslideshowOpen the ppt file in Powerpoint. To turn the editable version of the file into the slideshow version, click on the Slide Show icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Take turns catching a butterfly on the second page. Each one will lead you to a riddle. When you get the right answer, go back to page two to give yourself a point and catch a different butterfly.

Download Cat-ch A Butterfly CatRiddles here.


Cat Cards

A memory game with 54 cards that you make yourself.

What you need to play: 1) A computer to download the file to. 2) A printer to print it. 3) Colorful markers. 4) Scissors.

How to play: Print six sheets. Use one color per sheet. Think of nine unique names. Give the nine cats on each sheet one of the nine names. Write their names in the empty nametag-circles each cat holds. Be sure to use one color per sheet.

Check to be sure you have six sets of cats with the same nine names, but in different colors. Cut the sheets into 54 cards. Shuffle the cards. Place the cards face-down on a table or floor. Can be in rows (such as six across and nine down), or all jumbled up, close together or far apart. Unless you’re playing solitaire, choose a player to go first. First player turns two cards over. If they match in name, the player wins both cards and gets to play again. If the cards don’t match, the player puts the two cards face-down in the exact same place as before. The next players take turns choosing two cards and trying to find a match by discovering which cat is where, and remembering. You get another turn with every match you find. Whenever a player finds a pair, they get to keep it. When all the cards have been picked up, game is over, and the player with the most cards wins. This game can be played with fewer than all six colors.

Download the sheet of blank cat cards here.


Be A Cat

Print, color, cut, and wear these cat-masks.

Download cat masks here.