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Adopt one of the lions, tigers, or jaguars who live in Tiger Haven, Tennessee!!! Want to be the loving benefactor of a tiger, lion, leopard, cougar, jaguar, serval, caracal, bobcat, lynx, or other large cat? You can! Since 1991, Tiger Haven has been rescuing big cats and giving them sanctuary in an 80-acre permanent home, where they stay for life. They are not sold or given away, nor held in captivity to breed or perform or otherwise make money for the humans who've dedicated their lives to saving these cats' lives. Instead, cats there "truly enjoy the good life!" Just go to to adopt one of your own!


Essential Oils for Pets! Did you know essential oils can help protect your pet from arthritis, viruses, bad bacteria, allergies, ear infections, dementia, cancer, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and other illnesses? Learn more about this natural (and wonderfully fragrant) remedy from a highly respected holistic veterinarian in Minnesota.


Petsumer Report is "the ONLY pet food review website that is operated by a pet food safety advocate." Her name is Susan Thixton and for years she's been doing the hard work of monitoring what goes on in the legal, and not-legal, worlds of pet food manufacturing. As chief watchdog at the Association for Truth in Pet Food, Thixton is one of the most vociferous advocates anywhere for the well-being of pets. She says she created the Petsumer Report to empower you to avoid dangerous pet food, and know for sure which brands really are safe and healthy.


Have you ever wondered...
What's in your pet's food? Who regulates pet food? What pet-food nutrients do? What those packaging codes mean? How much it costs to feed a pet? What pet-food "food energy" is?
According to pet-loving poets at the Pet Nutrition Information Center, pet food labels don't tell the whole story; they just provide clues. If you ever want to decipher those clues, you're probably going to need the kind of help you'll find in their ebooks and tools.

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Good news from The Wild Cat King! The Journey to Catland tabletop boardgame is in the works! If you’d like to help create it, send your comments and suggestions before we launch the Kickstarter campaign. . CATLAND_ABB_800_TM






















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